Yellow Household Rubber Gloves

Yellow Household Gloves
Yellow Household Gloves
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Product Description

9 Pair of Gloves Per Bag = 18 Gloves Total Per Bag

This Glove is Longer at 13" Length (up to mid forearm)

Super-soft cotton-flock lining Inside of the Glove

With Embossed fingers and palm for non-slip gripping power

Latex-Neoprene blended material

Durable and long lasting household gloves. These are for everything you can think of using a glove for around the house or for the Kitchen in any restaurant. The clean ones have a soft inner lining to avoid hand irritation and the are easy slip-on and off gloves. Choose your size below.

  • 9 Pair Per Bag
  • Total 18 Gloves Per Bag
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(In-Stock) Clean Ones Food Service Gloves
Durable long lasting disposable Polyethylene glove with a textured grip, this glove is stronger than the average plastic glove also easy to slip on. Color: Clear, Case Total 2,000 Gloves.
Retail Price $49.00
Wholesale Price $37.00, 3/$105.00, 5/$159.50, 10/$299.00