VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
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VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
Our premium best-buy powder-free vinyl gloves are marketed to medical, dental, industrial, laboratory, food & other sectors. Our gloves have passed stringent inspection based on ISO 9001 FDA certified. Select your size and style below, small thru extra-large and powdered or powder-free.

* 100% latex free minimizes the risk of latex protein and chemical residue related allergies. All colors are slightly transparent.

* Powder Free Gloves

* Polyvinyl Chloride Formulation Certified FDA / ADA / OSHA / USDA

* 10 Boxes per Case, 100 Gloves per Box, 1000 Gloves Per Case


Poly Stretch Gloves
Form-Fitting Stretch Poly Gloves are packed 200 gloves per box, 5 boxes per case, 1,000 Gloves Per Case, Low As $2.59 per box
Retail Price $65.00
Wholesale Price $55.00
Vinyl Exam Gloves (Best Buy)
Quality vinyl exam gloves, stringent inspection based on ISO 9001 standards, ADA and FDA approved. 10 Boxes Per Case, 1,000 Gloves Per Case
Retail Price $69.00
Wholesale Price $64.00
Aloetouch 3G Vinyl Exam Gloves
This innovative latex-free stretch synthetic glove gives outstanding tactile sensitivity with a unique softness and flexibility.

Color: Green
Retail Price $95.00
Wholesale Price $92.15
MEDLINE (Ultra Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves)
Constructed of an advanced formulation vinyl synthetic that stretches to fit your hand while providing maximum sensitivity.

Color: White
Retail Price $79.95
Wholesale Price $59.50
Note: Don't be fooled by other websites that claim they have the "lowest prices" because many are selling cheap industrial (non-medical) gloves from Indonesia that do not meet or exceed ISO 9001 standards.