VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case

(In-Stock) VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
(In-Stock) VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
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(In-Stock) VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
Our premium best-buy powder-free vinyl gloves are marketed to industrial, food & other sectors. Our gloves have passed stringent inspection based on ISO 9001 FDA certified. Select your size and style below, small thru extra-large and powdered or powder-free. * 100% latex free minimizes the risk of latex protein and chemical residue related allergies. All colors are slightly transparent.

* High Quality Powder Free Gloves

* Polyvinyl Chloride Formulation Certified FDA / USDA

* 10 Boxes per Case, 100 Gloves per Box, 1000 Gloves Per Case

* Available Sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE & EX-LARGE

WHOLESALE PRICE: 15% OFF TODAY! (All Discounts Will Be Applied In Checkout)


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