VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case

(In-Stock) VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
(In-Stock) VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
Item# VG-579TQ
Retail Price $99.90
Wholesale Price $59.90, 5/$264.50, 25/$1,172.50
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(In-Stock) VINYL GLOVES 1,000 Per Case (Best Buy)
(Best Buy)

High Quality Vinyl Gloves, Powder Free

Our premium best-buy powder-free vinyl gloves are made for industrial, food & medical facilities. Our gloves have passed stringent inspection based on ISO 9001 FDA certified. Select your size and style below, 100% latex free minimizes the risk of latex protein and chemical residue related allergies. Glove color is clear and slightly transparent.

STORAGE: If in storage avoid excessive heat 40 Celsius / 104 Fahrenheit. A open box should be shielded from exposure to direct sun or fluorescent lighting and stored in a cool dry place because gloves will deteriorate if left unprotected in sunlight.

* High Grade Powder Free Gloves

* Poly-Vinyl Chloride Formulation Certified FDA / USDA

* Available Sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE & EX-LARGE

* 4 Mil Strength

Wholesale Tier Pricing Below:

1 - 4 Cases = $59.90

5 - 24 Cases = $52.90

25 or More Cases = $46.90

One case has 10 boxes of high grade vinyl gloves, each box contains 100 gloves. Sold by the Case (1,000 Per Case)


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