Therepy Ball Ideal for Prevention and Treatment.

Therapy Ball
Therapy Ball
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Product Description

* These balls offer an almost endless variety of clinical and recreational uses.

* Pediatric and NDT therapists use them as an aid for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy.

* Fitness professionals use them as an aid for stretching and strength programs.

* They're also used by pregnant women in birthing classes and for people with bad backs.

* Balls may be under-inflated to give a soft, mushy feel or Over-Inflated for a Firm, Bouncy Feel.

* This Therapy Ball can Support up to 600 pounds.


The Size Matches the Balls Color..Blue, Green and Red.

"Small-30 cm 11.8" Blue [1 Each] (+32.50)"

"Medium 65 cm 25.6" Green [1 Each] (+49.95)"

"Large 85 cm 33.5" Blue [1 Each] (+68.95)"

"Ex-Large 95 cm 37.4" Red [1 Each] (+82.95)"