50 Masks Total Cone Style Face Mask

(In-Stock) Pleated-Earloop-Face-Masks
(In-Stock) Pleated-Earloop-Face-Masks
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(In-Stock) Pleated-Earloop-Face-Masks
ADULT: Face Mask, Ear Loop Style

You need a guard to avoid both giving and receiving airborne contaminants. With this Face Mask 3 fold (Ear Loop Style) you can have infection-free conversations with friends and family. Made from quality material each mask comes with a nose wire for a secure hold to prevent slippage, while the 3 fold shape fits your face naturally. Great for your home or office today. FDA Approved, ISO Compliant, CE Compliant.


(Ear Fold Face Masks help prevent the spread of Corona-Virus and other airborne pathogens. For more information about how to use your Face Mask) Go to CDC Gov


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