LATEX GLOVES 2,000 Per Case
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LATEX GLOVES 2,000 Per Case
The Criterion Powder Free Latex Exam Glove is our Top Buy

This glove has 100 gloves per box and 20 boxes per case. The gloves will ship within 24 hours Express Shipping

* Powder-free to eliminate powder induced irritation, airborne particles and the risk of powder contamination.

* Extremely low levels of soluble proteins and extractable chemicals to further reduce incidences of skin sensitivity reactions.

* High tensile strength to minimize tearing during donning.

* Beaded cuff for easy donning and to prevent roll down.

* Fully Textured Surface for added grip.

* 20 Boxes of Gloves Per Case

* 100 Gloves Per Box

* 2,000 Gloves Per Case

* Easy Slip-On

* Powder Free

* Exam Grade Quality Latex

* Beaded Cuff

* 9.5" inch Glove

* Color: White

STORAGE:In storage avoid excessive heat 40 Celsius / 104 Fahrenheit. A open box of latex gloves should be shielded from exposure to direct sun or fluorescent lighting and stored in a cool dry place. --Order in Bulk and Save Money Today--