High Risk Nitrile Gloves 8mil Thick

Nitrile Gloves: High Risk Gloves / 8mil Thick / Long Cuff
Nitrile Gloves: High Risk Gloves / 8mil Thick / Long Cuff
Item# HRN-400
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* Exam Grade Quality Nitrile

* Powder Free

* Allergy Free / Latex Free

* 50 gloves per box

* 10 boxes per case

* 8 mil strength

* Beaded Cuff

* 12" inch glove

* COLOR: Blue

WARNING: Do not be fooled by our competitors. Some will offer you a low, low price on gloves and then gouge you on the shipping and handling fees. Others have a low price but they make you buy 20 boxes per case which is not the norm. Always remember to check if the gloves are EXAM GRADE which means they are top of the line and F.D.A. approved (used in dental, medical, EMS, Etc.)

WATCH OUT FOR INDUSTRIAL GLOVES they are used for mechanics, janitorial and yard work. They have a higher extractable protein content which causes Latex Allergies and are not F.D.A. or A.D.A. approved.

GLOVESAVER Inc. offers our customers a quality brand name EXAM GLOVE that is guaranteed for 1 year. All of our gloves come 10 boxes to the case to save you money. We offer you a 30 day no hassle money back guarantee on all of our gloves.