Glove Box Dispenser/Holder, Triple Horizontal Design

Glove Dispenser-Triple Horizontal
Glove Dispenser-Triple Horizontal
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Product Description

There are many ways to mount a triple glove box dispenser, you can attach the glove dispenser/holder to wood, steel or cement walls. This is a horizontal glove dispenser that holds up to 3 boxes of latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves. A good place to mount your glove dispenser is somewhere close to the person who uses gloves for example my dentist has a glove dispenser in all 4 of his dental patient rooms, out of the way from the patient but in arms length for the doctor or assistant. Many businesses use this particular triple glove holder because it is made so the glove boxes inside lay in a horizontal format. This way of arranging the latex, nitrile or vinyl glove boxes allows the user to read the size and style of the glove easily before donning. Why is this important? Let's say you have three types of gloves in your glove dispenser/holder. The three types of gloves are Latex Exam Gloves, Latex Industrial Gloves and Nitrile Gloves. You would need to be able to read the box and find out which glove is exam grade or maybe the person is allergic to latex so your best choice is a non-latex nitrile glove. This dispenser gives you the ability to read the many different types and sizes of gloves loaded into the dispenser before you put them on and realize it's the wrong size or type. The gloves boxes can be stacked 3 high in this triple vertical dispenser and you can mix or match sizes and styles depending on your needs. This glove holder is perfect for any small or large business because of it's easy to install design and space saving capability's.

Glove Dispenser-Triple

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Product Features
Holds three boxes of Gloves
Screwholes for wall mounting
18 gauge Coated Wire and Wire Style Frame Inside Glove Dispenser Dimensions
W x H x D

16 x 7 x 3