Wholesale Nitrile Gloves, FreeForm EC, Microflex

Nitrile Gloves, FreeForm EC, Microflex
Nitrile Gloves, FreeForm EC, Microflex
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Nitrile Gloves, FreeForm EC, Microflex
FreeForm EC Nitrile Gloves The most comfortable Nitrile glove you've ever worn! 18 months of research and development has yielded a super-soft Nitrile glove that offers features and benefits unrivaled by any existing Nitrile glove. A low modulus profile, similar to latex, allows FreeForm to conform to the hand allowing for optimal dexterity and reduced hand fatigue over long periods of wear. FreeForm EC also carries the same durability properties as conventional Nitrile gloves and maintains a broad resistance to chemical and biological hazards. Non-sterile, blue in color.

100% Latex Free eliminates adverse reactions associated with latex. Fingertip texturing allows for a reliable grip in wet and dry situations. Strongest in the palms and fingers for added protection where you need it most without sacrificing tactile sensitivity needed to perform intricate tasks. FreeForm EC is today's most advanced super-soft nitrile formulation offering a latex-like fit and feel no other gloves can touch. Unlike conventional nitrile gloves, which tend to fit poorly and constrict, causing hands to work harder and fatigue faster, FreeForm EC works with you, continuously conforming to the contours of your hands as you move. Exceeds all current and proposed FDA and ASTM standards, assuring consistent quality in every box, every time. Thickness: Cuff-4.7 mils, Palm-6.3 mils, Finger-7.5 mils Length: 11.4" average.


* 50 GLOVES PER BOX (500 Gloves Per Case)