Dry TimeŽ Baby Diapers (Kids)
Dry TimeŽ Baby Diapers (Kids)
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Dry TimeŽ Baby Diapers (Kids)
Dry TimeŽ Baby Diapers Offer Superior Containment with Ability to Refasten

The side panel and cloth-like outer cover of our Dry TimeŽ Baby Diapers enable the skin to "breathe", which helps keep skin dry. Foam elastic waistband and anti-leak cuffs reduce accidental leakage. Polymer controls odor, and no-tear tape surface allows refastening to reduce waste.

* Size 1 (Preemie) = 12 Bags, 240 Diapers per Case

* Size 2 (6-14lbs) = 8 Bags, 224 Diapers per Case

* Size 3 (12-24lbs) = 8 Bags, 192 Diapers per Case

* Size 4 (22-35lbs) = 8 Bags, 160 Diapers per Case

* Size 5 (20-38lbs) = 8 Bags, 144 Diapers per Case

* Size 6 (35lbs or Over)

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