Baldur Vinyl Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Baldur Vinyl Powder-Free Exam Gloves
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Baldur Vinyl PF Exam Gloves...Our powder-free vinyl gloves are made from a combination of ethylene and chlorine to form poly vinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC.

They contain no protein and, consequently, lead to few or no irritations. Vinyl gloves are quite durable, and be sure to wear them in the right situations - short term, non-invasive tasks with no potential exposure to infectious fluids.

With powder-free type vinyl gloves, there are no floating particles, which helps maintain cleaner surroundings. This has the added beneifit of reducing patient complications.

Sold by the case only.., One stock # and one size per case..

(100 per box )

( 10 boxes per case)

(1,000 gloves Per case Total